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Route 66 Store

First Shirt is $20 every shirt after that is $15

Dog shirts are $10


Shipping is included in the posted prices. Sorry only colors and sizes posted are avaliable at this time and are on a first come bases. To place an order email us at


T-Bird logo

Red: 1 Small, 3 Med, 3 Large, 3 X-Large and 1 XXLarge


Teal: 2 Med, 3 Large, 2 X-Large and 1 XXLarge

Street Sign logo

Gray: 1 Large, 1 XXLarge


Dog shirts: 3 gray, 2 red, 2 light pink

Running Dog Logo

Grayblue: 1 XXL                Burnt Orange: 2 XXL


Hot Pink: 1 XL        GrayGreen: 2 XX            Mustard: 2 XXL


Car logo

Bright Orange: 1 XXL


Bright Pink: 1 Large

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